R2000 deposit by December to secure place in the program

R2000 stop order order for 10 months (Jan-October)

= R22 000 for the year


Banking Details:

Kloof Harvest Christian Fellowship

Standard Bank



Branch: Kloof

Ref: (Students surname+INTERN)


* We have asked for a stop order to be set up rather than a debit order.

You will need to provide a confirmation letter to us from your bank, that you have set up a stop order on your account for the year. (From Jan to Dec 2017.)


What it includes:

- Harvest college

- Harvest Leadership Training and Resources

- Petrol and Vehicle Costs during the day

- 2 Mission Trips

- Team building and Leadership


What it doesn’t include:

- Passport and Visa’s

- Year-End Trip

- Medical Aid

- Lunch

- Church Activities (Youth Camps etc)


Year-End Mission Trip (Also not included)

- R7500/R10 000 to be decided

- There will be some opportunities to fundraise for this trip